How TrioClear™ Works?



7 Days

0.5mm Aligner Thickness


7 Days

0.7mm Aligner Thickness

With minimal attachements, TrioClear™ is aesthetically pleasing and unnoticeable to others.  Plus, the increase of gingival coverage has been shown to increase coverage for movement, particularly on teeth with a short clinical crown height, making movements more predictable.

TrioDim Force™ Technology

TrioClear™ utilizes TrioDim Force™, which are specifically positioned dimples/divot pressure spots that are carefully designed into the aligners. Multiple scientific studies have shown that with divot spots, rotation forces applied by aligners are more effective compared to aligners without divots. Our qualified dental technicians and designers have mastered how to effectively position and create divot spots on the aligners.

Minimum Attachments

TrioClear™ utilizes TrioDim Force™ Technology by placing small indents inside the aligners, this allows us to avoid a majority of bumps or attachments, making it unnoticeable to others. Our aligners are highly optimized for maximum aesthetic outcomes. Furthermore, bumps or attachments are easily stained and sometimes, excessive flush on the attachments can cause non-ideal fitting of the aligners.

Increased Gingival Coverage

Extended gingival coverage allows a larger amount of area covered by the aligners, particularly for teeth with short crown height. The margins of the aligners are also less visible to other people since it is placed deeper from the zenith of each tooth, making the aligners more aesthetic, particularly for patients with varying lip line positions.

Progressive Aligner Thickness

TrioClear™ utilizes different aligner thicknesses for each step of movement. The different aligner thicknesses are from soft to hard, which forms one set. Every set of TrioClear™ aligners will begin with soft and end with hard. Incremental thickness of the aligners allows us to implement the BioProgressive Force concept which allows a gradual and predictable movement of teeth and let you experience a very comfortable transition for each step.